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What is a Coffee Shop ?

What is a Coffee shop?

If you need some time to think or just a little time for yourself, then the coffee shop is the place to be. It is the place where judgment ends and sheer bliss begins. It is a haven for cannabis aficionados to enjoy their dose in different creative ways or just as it is without having to worry about the authorities. These are licensed coffee shops allowed to sell a certain amount of cannabis for the customers’ personal consumption. They can serve cannabis in any kind of food or drink as long as they do not sell alcohol or other kinds of drugs in the cannabis coffeeshop. These coffee shops are popular in the Netherlands wherein more than a hundred out of more than four hundred municipalities have such coffee shops.
For a coffee shop put up to exercise freedom among its customers, there are things that they are not allowed to do aside from selling alcohol and other kinds of drugs. They are also not allowed to advertise, to sell any of the products that they offer to minors, to exceed five grams to each customer, and to cause any form of public disturbance. In addition, cannabis coffeeshops are not allowed within 250m radius of a school.
Some people may confuse cannabis coffeeshops with ordinary coffee shops but the former is rather easy to spot. All you have to do is look for graphics or arts of palm leaves depiction which means that they serve cannabis. However, to prevent what is known as “drug tourism”, cannabis is only served in these shops to locals. Before you can buy, you need to present a proof of residency and an identification card.

Legalization Information

In the journey to marijuana legalization, these coffee shops began to sprout like mushrooms when the clear distinction between soft drugs and hard drugs was established. This happened during the 1970’s. There are different reasons why more and more people are voting to legalize marijuana.
• Justified Jobs. Once marijuana production and trading is legalized, there will be more established jobs available. Considering the demand for marijuana, there will be more income opportunities for everyone and not just for those who have the guts to earn money through illegal means.
• Pro Protection. In all things illegal, corruption and violence are usually rampant. The problem with cannabis is that usually, the victims in related events are the young people. With marijuana legalization, there will be lesser opportunities for corruption in violence in procurement, purchase, and consumption of marijuana.
• Pro Priorities. With just the right amount of legal marijuana possession and consumption, the authorities can now focus on more serious crimes. There is no need to go after people who have and use marijuana within the tolerable amount such as what is sold in a cannabis coffeeshop. The same goes for courts that handle trials for such offenses.
• National Income. With marijuana legalized, the government can earn from the taxes that it entails. Now, instead of spending resources for apprehension of those who are guilty of minimal consumption, the government will earn money through taxes. Then, the government can use the funds for something more productive and beneficial to the society.

What you should know about Marijuana Legalization and Cannabis Coffeeshop

Although the idea of legal marijuana consumption and a cannabis coffeeshop where you can freely exercise your rights can be very exciting, there are things that you need to know first.
• Trick or Treat. You need to ask what is in your cannabis. There are possibilities of fertilizers and other chemicals left in the cannabis and you have the right to know about these possibilities. Likewise, these should be tested and these should come with quality assurance that it is free from different organisms such as molds, bacteria, and fungus. To some these may not seem significant but these can actually harm you.
• Read the labels. Read the labels of the edible products that you will consume. If it does not have a label, then you should ask. Ask about the dosage and the potency of the cannabis in each serving so you have an idea about how much effect it would have on you. This is very important especially for those who are new with cannabis. Even with marijuana legalization, it is still your responsibility to look after your welfare.
Aside from personal marijuana consumption, there one, if not the most important reason for legalization of marijuana is its medical use. Professional studies are held, even with restrictions, for different medical conditions including nausea, HIV/AIDS, different kinds of neurological issues, vomiting, pain, and post-trauma disorders.
First used in Ancient Egypt since about 1550 BCE, it was used in different parts of the world for pain, haemorrhoids, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, childbirth, headaches, and more.
With continuous studies, experts are getting to marijuana legalization more than just in cannabis coffeeshop slowly but surely.

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